EASA 10-2022 First aid


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EASA 10-2022 First aid in Orange

The EASA 10-2022 First aid in orange contains all medical equipment as demanded by EASA regulations of 10-2022.
The First aid box is made of recycled wood fiber and a sustainable alternative for plastic first aid boxes.

The content of the EASA 10-2022 first aid box contains:
1 First aid dressings bandages, sterile 6x8cm
2 First aid dressings bandages, sterile 8x10cm
1 First aid dressings bandages, sterile 10x12cm
1 Sterile wound blanket 60x80cm
6 Sterile wound compress 10x10cm
2 Sterile wound compress 10x10cm non adherent
2 Sterile wound compress 7,5x7,5cm
2 Sterile wound compress 5x5cm
2 conforming Elastic bandages 4mx6cm
3 Conforming Elastic bandages 4mx8cm
1 Conforming Elastic support bandage 5mx8cm
1 Plaster assortment
4 Wound plaster 10x6cm
1 Disinfection lotion 30ml
2 Disinfectant cleaning towel
2 Pair disposable glove
3 First aid insulation blanket 210x160cm
1 Triangular bandages
1 First aid scissor
1 Pincet SS 9cm
1 Adhesive tape 500x2,5cm
1 Burnshield burn burn dressing 10x10cm
1 Burnshield burn burn dressing 20x20cm
1 life saving kiss breathing mask
2 Hygienic mask type IR
1 First aid kit manual

The sustainable first aid box EASA 10-2022 First aid, an responsible choice !

The wood fiber first aid box is equipped with a wall mounted bracket and the first aid box is water, wind and UV resistance and has the sizes 25x19x9 cm.

This first aid box is produced in EU on a environmental friendly way. All used wood fiber has it's origin from demolition wood and sawing residues from the wood processing industry.
In factory in Italy they blend this wood fiber with a resin and molts the blend into first aid boxes.
The production of the wood fiber first aid box is energy and CO2 Neutral because the necessary energy finds it origin in a solar power plant owned by the factory.
The EASA 10-2022 First aid box in orange is assembled by Medisafe in the Netherlands according EASA and MDR standards.

Medisafe supplies more sustainable first aid boxes

Besides the EASA first aid box, Medisafe also produces occupational health first aid boxes according Dutch , Belgium and German regulations.

A few examples of the sustainable first aid boxes are:

Sustainable first aid box model BHV-B

Sustainable First aid box model BHV-A

Occupational health and EASA

If your are interested in the Dutch occupational health regulations.

Check the site of NIBHV

If you wish to know more about EASA, check the site EASA

Medisafe is as producer of first aid materials registered at EUDAMED reg. nr. NL-IM-000019428



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